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Frequently Asked Questions

Existing Reservation

How can I modify my reservation?

Your reservation is fully accessible and manageable online, and can be accessed by using the link found in your reservation confirmation sent to you in email. You may want to verify the dates you are able to make changes i.e. cancellation t&c’s (in your confirmation), then just follow the instructions to log in (password is required).
If you require further assistance please send through your request to and a member of our team will be in touch.

Do I need to complete a credit card authorisation form?

If you are using, or intend to use, a credit card that does not have your name or signature on it to pay for your accommodation booking then you are required to provide a credit card authorisation form, completed by credit card holder and return it to at least 14 days prior to your arrival. If you do not provide this authorisation you will be personally responsible for these expenses prior to check out with your hotel.

I called my hotel and they have no record of my reservation

Not to worry. Your reservation details are not transferred from ConferenceNational's system to the hotel's system until approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. You only need to work with ConferenceNational to manage your hotel reservation. Please consult your confirmation for the link to log in to your reservation and the schedule for when reservations are transferred to the hotel. If you need further assistance, just contact us using the information below.

Making Reservations

What are my options when my hotel choice is unavailable?

Hotels rooms offered through ConferenceNational at discounted event rates are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. While conducting your search, the online system reflects up-to-the-minute availability and booking options. If you require further assistance please contact ConferenceNational at

How can I book a group of hotel rooms?

Depending upon the event and the hotel you are looking to book, the number of rooms you are able to reserve online may vary. Each hotel will indicate the number of rooms available and you can view the "Rates & Availability" tab for full details. When you are ready to book, simply click your hotel of choice, click your check-in date and your check-out date and you will be able to edit the number of rooms you need each night.

How can I book a suite or request an upgrade?

Suites and upgrades are based on availability and are at the discretion of the hotel. For options regarding suites or upgrades, please contact ConferenceNational at

What's the difference between a double occupancy room and room with 2 beds in it?

The types of hotel rooms and rates we offer are generally determined by the hotel. Some hotels determine rates by the size/type of room, and some hotels determine the rate by how many people are staying in the room. Double occupancy is defined as 2 people sharing a room and does not necessarily mean that 2 beds will be in the room. If you wish to have twin bedding configuration (2 beds), you can make that request during the booking process.

Are my special requests guaranteed?

All requests are at the discretion of the hotel (e.g., high floor, 2 beds, early check-in, etc). While the hotel will generally do everything in its power to honor requests, requests cannot be guaranteed until check-in unless specifically described in your room type.

Am I able to get hotel points when I book that property through Conference national?

Yes, you can earn rewards points with your preferred hotel chain when booking in the official hotel block—simply enter your rewards or frequent guest number when booking through our online system. When we transfer your reservation details to the hotel approximately 2 weeks prior to the event, your frequent guest number will be included with your information and you will receive your points.


How do I pay for my hotel room?

Payment for your room is collected by the hotel, not ConferenceNational. You must provide a credit card to ConferenceNational at the time of booking to guarantee you will adhere to the payment, cancellation and any other special policies of the reservation—this is called a 'payment guarantee'. Should you violate the policies and booking conditions (if you do not show up to the hotel, cancel outside of the agreed upon window of time, etc.), the credit card provided to book your room may be charged. Please refer to your hotel's specific policies for full details.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking. While hotels will generally await your check-in to accept your form of payment for your room(s), hotels do reserve the right to charge the card you provide to guarantee your room, which may occur when we transfer reservations from our system to theirs. Each hotel offers their own booking terms and conditions. Please ensure you read these carefully and accept these priior to confirming your booking.

Official Hotels

Why should I book with Conference National instead of directly with the hotel?

By making your reservation within your event's official housing block, you are supporting the event and ensuring lower overall costs such as registration and convention center fees. Personally, you benefit by receiving the lowest rate for your room(s) as well as added services and incentives only available to those who book through ConferenceNational.

Shouldn't I just book my hotel through my company's travel provider?

Booking with anyone other than ConferenceNational does not allow you access to the official, discounted rates negotiated specifically for the event. You will also miss out on the reservation flexibility and other benefits that come with booking in your event's official hotel block. If your company mandates that you use your corporate travel arm or another company to book your hotel/travel, it's worth asking your travel manager to book through ConferenceNational to receive the benefits of your event's official hotel block.

Event Information

How can I get information about event registration?

Registration for the event is handled by a different vendor. Please see the registration page of the event's website for further information or to log in to the registration system.

If you've looked through the information above but still have a question,
please contact our team through email at
or by phone on 1300 79 20 30 (Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm AEST).