How to streamline your event, free up resources and enhance the attendee experience

Managing the lead up to any event or conference can take a lot of time and resources. But there is advanced event management software and services available to make it a lot easier. 

Below are a few ways in which ConferenceNational utilisies advanced technology to take the stress away from the event organiser and help save on costs, while enhancing the attendee experience.

Registration Management

Streamline the attendee registration process through ConferenceNational's sophisticated and responsive online registration forms. Enjoy full customisation with the ability to offer multiple registration types, promote early bird specials, sell social function tickets separately, ask custom questions and more. Track attendance through robust reporting systems. 

Accommodation Management

Conferencing over multiple days and have attendees requiring accommodation? ConferenceNational offers a free centralised system allowing your attendees to easily search and book accommodation saving up to 30% on rates. ConferenceNational takes take or all accommodation enquiries and requests through a dedicated telephone support line. See below a step by step guide on how it works:


Conference Websites

First impressions are key, and your event info website is the first place your attendees will visit! ConferenceNational offers engaging, branded and responsive websites which serve as a central hub for important event information including event programs, speaker information, sponsor/exhibitor information, registration instructions and social functions. Our online registration forms and accommodation booking portals can also easily sit within your website to ensure a streamlined experience for your attendees.

Powerful Attendee Apps

Conference apps are brilliant way to create an engaging and impressive event. Give attendees access to key event information including daily schedules, session data, event layouts, important phone numbers, directions and more. Post news articles, schedule changes, reminders and even load information such as local restaurants and points of interest.

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